Ayurvedic cooking

Workshop on 9 NOV

At 6:00pm, Cost $30/-only


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Ayurvedic Cooking

The primary goals of an Ayurvedic cooking are health, healing, and harmony. Ayurvedic cooking becomes an ongoing practice of creating balance through food, every day and with every meal.

Preparing Ayurvedic food in this manner isn’t difficult, and rewards our pallets with delicious dishes, juices, and drinks. At the same time, we’ll be nurturing and healing our body and mind, removing toxins, and getting the most nutrition from the foods we eat.

This type of Ayurvedic cooking will teach you about the qualities of different foods, such
as warming, cooling, cleansing, dry, oily, etc. and the process of choosing our food and creating our menu’s will become more and more intuitive.

Know Your Body Type: "Tridosha"

It is important to know what body type you have because certain foods can be more harmful than beneficial to certain body types. They describe physical characteristics as well as mental preferences and Ayurveda cooking aims to keep the Tridoshas in balance.

  • – Vata: Air, Ether—the movement principle. Light, cold, dry, mobile, subtle and rough.
  • – Pitta: Fire, Water—the energy principle. Light, hot, greasy, sharp and fluid.
  • – Kapha: Water, Earth—the structure principle. Heavy, cold, greasy, stable and softening.

One of the greatest advantages to adopting the principles of Ayurvedic cooking into your life is that they can be applied to all individuals. No matter what temperament and lifestyle that you have, there are methods of cooking that you can now use to begin converting your body into a healthier way of eating.

Classes are conducted weekly and small size with a minimum fee